You Are Free From Paying Toll Tax, If Your Waiting Time Exceeds Three Minutes

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We all had wasted our time during the journey while waiting in the queue just to pay the toll tax. By hearing this you will be surprised, but its true. If the waiting time exceeded three minutes at the toll plaza you can deny paying a single rupee.

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Advocate Hariom Jindal filed an RTI last year and he revealed that every vehicle has to pass to the toll plaza within three minutes only. In instance, if the traveler’s waiting time exceeded more than three minutes, the person can pass the toll plaza without paying a toll tax.

On last Sunday, Hariom Jindal posted on Facebook, the official response from National Highways Authority of India (NHAI). Here what he had said on Facebook, take a look.

So next time onward don’t forget to switch on your timer, you may be free from Toll Tax.

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