Flowers And The Reasons Why They Are Offered To Gods

Pink Flower

“Happiness held is the seed, happiness shared is the flower.” And we always need someone to share this happiness of ours. So, we decide to convey this joyful bliss of ours to God, while the means are known as flowers. And this practice of offering flowers to God is something going on from thousands of years, as is suggested by the ancient Hindu scripture “Pushpanjali”. Here are the top 7 reasons why flowers are offered to Gods, then now and ever


1. Beautiful

Yellow Flower

The serene and pleasant nature of a flower increases its beauty, which is already many beautiful thanks to its creator. Hence, we use flowers to please the Gods and ask for prosperity, peace, and money.


2. Fragrance

Pink Flower

This is something which every flower has. Agreed? And their aroma is said to maintain an atmosphere of peace and calm, which is why they are offered to Gods in order to please them and spread the message of love and calm to one and all.


3. Puja


Flowers make a very important part of the puja. Almost all auspicious occasions like marriages, functions, new house, renovation or new shop start with some flower rituals only. Whatever it is, but the major part is there are always flowers. They act as a mediator between the almighty (the supreme power) and the man.


4. Good Soil


We have always believed soil to be our origins as well as the end. So, the soil is like the clay which was molded by God to create us. Hence, it is a practice to offer Gods flowers grown on good soil.

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