After Flood Affected Bengaluru, Now Hotel Tariffs Is Almost Double To Rs 40000/Night

Bengaluru Rains Hotel Tariff Highvia

Rain is wreaking havoc in Bengaluru. Here the 90-year record of rain has been broken. So far, five people have died here. It is not enough; the Meteorological Department has issued a yellow alert of rain for the next five days. Many areas of Bengaluru have been submerged due to heavy rains. Luxurious houses and ultra-luxury vehicles all have been submerged in flood. The holiday has been declared in schools, and IT companies have instructed their employees to work from home. Everyday life is derailed in the IT capital of the country. Now, people with water lodged at their houses are shifting to hotels for temporary accommodation.


Hotel Tariffs Are Almost Doubled In Bengaluru

Bengaluru Rains

Hotel tariffs in Bengaluru are record high. Many stranded and desperate families were left scrambling to search for accommodations. The rooms are going for INR 30000 – INR 40000 per night. Meena Girisaballa, CEO and founder of PurpleFront Technologies, told TOI,

“Our family of four shelled out Rs 42,000 to spend a night in a hotel on Old Airport Road after our luxurious gated community in Yemalur was flooded.”

According to the reports, many residents could not get rooms even at higher rates as most of the hotels in Bengaluru are fully occupied for the next two days. As per hotel owners, the room availability is likely to remain low as many guests have booked the rooms for 10-15 days. People expect that it may take this much time to get their houses cleaned and refurbished once city life becomes normal.

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted continuous rainfall in Bengaluru for the next five days. As a result, people living on the ground floors in the rain-affected areas have been forced to shift to different places. People who live on the first floor and above are forced to commute on tractors and boats for emergencies. With more rainfall predicted in the coming days, the situation will likely turn more serious. As per the official statistics, 85 regions and 2000 houses in Bengaluru have been inundated due to heavy rain.

City hospitals also witness a sudden surge in admissions. Many senior citizens are brought up because of health issues like sugar levels and blood pressure. Bengaluru people do not go out from home unless it is essential.

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