Flight Attendant Reveals About The Worst Time To Use The Toilet During A Flight

Flight Attendant Toilet During Flight

It is true that public modes of transportation are not always hygienic. While some of us may think that airplanes are surely the cleanest of them all, it is not true. Sounds shocking? We totally agree. Furthermore, it turns out people try and avoid many areas on airplanes to have an unpleasant trip. Like sleeping on the edge of the windows, moving in the aisle of the plane, going to the bathroom to wash your hands, etc. However, one prominent area that people wish to always avoid is the toilet. Thankfully, a former flight attendant has revealed the worst time to use the toilet during a flight. Meanwhile, also the best time to make a trip to the bathroom if necessary. To say that it makes a lot of sense would be a sheer understatement.

If you are curious to know what they suggested, shared, and revealed, then you are at the right place. Read on to educate and enlighten yourself.


A Former Flight Attendant Gave Some Insightful Information

Airline Attendent First Thing Notice

Speaking to bathroom specialists, Sanctuary Bathrooms, the cabin crew member who previously worked for a major airline, combined all their experience on board. They shared the toilet etiquette that everyone should keep in mind while traveling via plane.

Furthermore, Chatting with bathroom specialists at Sanctuary Bathroom, they said, as we quote,

“The worst time to use the airplane loo is right before take-off and at the very end of a flight, especially if it’s long-haul.”

They explained by saying how this is because, during these two times of the flight, the restrooms typically receive the most traffic. Therefore, because of this, they end up being the ugliest and dirtiest.

Another bad timing is right after turbulence when passengers are instructed to remain seated. We all have experienced how as soon as the light changes on the seatbelt sign, there is a mad rush to the toilets.


Some More Interesting Tips To Note

Flight Attendent

The flight attendant also advised what are the best times to go toilets on the planes. They suggested using the restroom prior to the food being served. The former cabin crew member explained, as we quote,

“Plane food is not nutritious. It can be oily and high in salt and fat, things that don’t tend to be great for gut health or bowel movements.”

They further added,

“If a meal isn’t sitting right with a passenger and they need to use the loo because of it, you don’t want to be in there straight after.

Furthermore, the former attendant also shared that the flight toilets may look clean, but it is not as hygienic as you might hope. Adding more stress to the ordeal, they highlighted that turnovers are one of the significant reasons behind it. They shared how a thorough deep clean of the airplane bathroom isn’t always possible. Why? Because of time constraints during turnovers.

They shared how the airplane loo is essentially a cupboard with no clean air. In addition, there is a poor ventilation system. Every time you go to the loo, not only are you breathing in the air of many others who have ‘done their business’ before you (especially if it’s a long-haul flight), but you could also be breathing in potential feces particles, circulating the air after a toilet flush.

Thus, passengers should make sure to pack one particular item in their carry-on. Furthermore, passengers should also make sure to use the restrooms and the entire plane with a face mask on for hygiene reasons, as suggested by the former flight attendant.

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