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Jumpstart Your Fitness Regime With These 5 Body Weight Exercises

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Have you been planning to get in perfect shape by getting rid of those extra kilos for months now? However, every time your laziness and lack of determination prevents you from acting? Don’t fret; you are not alone!

If you’ve resolved to start a fitness regime, then we are with you. Starting an exercise regime can be daunting, but if you take the right approach, it can be both simple and enjoyable. A few days into your regime, you’ll not just feel energetic, but also happier.

So, here’s a list of few bodyweight exercises that can help you kickstart your exercise regime on a balanced


1. Jumping Lunges

Body Weight Exercises

This exercise requires you to have one foot on the ground while lifting the other one mid-air. Your hands must be in running position. Doing this alternately with each leg will put pressure on your stomach and thigh muscles.

You can do these 10 times and follow it up with a few jumps before going to the next set of exercises.


2. Mountain Climbers

Body Weight Exercises

Excellent in burning belly fat, this one requires you to place both your hands on the ground. Then alternately, you’ll have to bring your legs closer to your chest. The entire body weight falls on the hands and arms that strengthen your muscles.

Simple and easy to do, this one tones your arms and legs, helping you gradually get your body in shape. Moreover, it also improves coordination and focus.


3. Jumping Jacks

Body Weight Exercises

Jumping jacks, as the name suggests requires you to jump along with moving your hands and legs in a cyclical fashion. Every time, you jump, lift your hands in the air and open your legs. And when your feet touch the ground back, bring your arms by your sides too.

This is an excellent exercise for maintaining a stable pulse rate and regulating the blood flow in your body. This also improves oxygen flow to various organs, thus helping you improve overall well-being in the process. This exercise can help you keep life-threatening problems like heart congestion and heart attacks at bay.


4. Jumping Rope

Body Weight Exercises

Remember how you enjoyed jumping the ropes as a kid? Now do it with a whole new motive. A great cardio and body exercise, jumping the ropes is a good way to make your body, heart and mind function well.

For this purpose, jump as quickly as you can to exert pressure on various muscles of your body and help burn extra fat.


5. Triceps Push-ups

Body Weight Exercises

For this, begin by lying in a plank position and keep your core body engaged. Then slowly bend the elbows and lower your chest towards the floor. Keeping your upper arms tight, lift your elbows against your ribs to engage your triceps.

Then return to plank position back and repeat 5-7 times. This will be a great exercise to tone down your body. As your body goes up, the entire weight is balanced out along the length of the body and helps develop strength and endurance too.


Go A Step Further And Ensure Your Health

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All in all, a health insurance policy will have your back while you focus on other important things in life. So, take care of your health, ensure it well and enjoy a happy, healthy life!

What are some of those fitness obstacles that you may face, and how can you overcome them? Read on for an in-depth look at the subject.

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