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This Kerala Man Cycles 4000 km To Watch FIFA World Cup!

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Some people are damn crazy about celebrities lifestyle and movies more than their own life and career. Whereas some people are mad about sports. And there are very few people who are crazy only about their career and never mind others stuff.

Some people craziness can’t be measured and this Kerala man is an example for it. He cycled for 4000kms to watch FIFA World Cup.

Yes. You read it right.

How far would you go to watch your favourite movie or sport? Probably, you may take a loan, and book a ticket. But this guy cycled all the way to soak in the FIFA festive spirit.

Mr Clifin Francis, 28-year-old, left Kerala on February 23rd. He went to Dubai and bought a bicycle, and then went to Iran by ship. From there, he launched his solo cycling expedition, from Bandar Abbas, the picturesque port city.

He celebrated his birthday by eating kebabs and drinking ‘istak’ with villagers in Meymeh, Iran. He pedalled through Iran and Azerbaijan and reported that there were Keralites in Azerbaijan.


On March 13, this Kerala-based mathematics teacher commenced his cycling voyage from Iran, and crossed over to Russia on June 5, and is reportedly en-route Moscow.

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Combining his love for cycling and football, he pedalled to the coaching centre and cycled from Kochi to Kanyakumari. He said that the journey had been quite the experience, soaking in places, cuisines, cultures and making new friends.


However, he faced an obstacle in Georgia as he was denied entry. So, he returned to Azerbaijan and took a different route to Russia, where authorities welcomed him on seeing his FIFA fan identity card.


“I felt sad at their behaviour as a German cyclist was allowed to take the route. But there were times when I saw the goodness in human beings as people whom I had never met gave me shelter, the warmth of their homes and offered food,”  said Francis.


Francis saved money from his coaching centre teaching job in Ernakulam, and at the end of it all, his effort is going to result in him witnessing one FIFA World Cup game. The enthusiastic Francis wants to get an autograph from Lionel Messi on his bike,


Francis wants to embark upon a global cycling tour. At the end of Russia tour, he wants to sell his cycle, buy a new one and go around the globe.

Francis hopes to reach Moscow by June 21. He said it is his long-cherished dream to meet Messi.


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When asked if he would be able to make it come true, he said, “I have reached this far. I am an optimist. My desire is to meet Messi. (I) Don’t know if it is possible…I am a diehard fan of his.”

Truly this is another level of craziness. And I know people say it is ” Fanism”. Football fans in Kerala have painted roads, private vehicles and public transport buses in the colors of their favorite teams. You can spot fans sporting jerseys with images of their heroes even in small towns of the football-crazy state.

Francis is only a few steps away from realizing his dream of getting Lionel Messi’s signature on his cycle. Football had always been his first love and watching the World Cup a long cherished dream. And we hope his wish comes true.

Did you also do something like this to watch your favorite movie or sport? If so, share your experiences with us in the comments. Wanna know how much fast these Football players run? Then read this.

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