7 Ways To Feel Awesome Which Will Not Cost You Even A Penny

Feel Awesome


Life is not a bed of roses. There will be times where you knock down, feel depressed, break-ups, one-side love failure, family problems, fear and anything it could is very essential to rejuvenate yourself to move on with the life.

Here are some tips which can make you feel awesome instantly.


1. Watch comedy or funny stuff


It has the power to relax your mind and body. It releases all stress hormones and thus protects heart.


2. Listen to music


Listen to songs when you feel down. We all know the healing powers of music. It soothes your brain and shifts your mood.


3. Cry out loud


Don’t hold your tears. There is nothing wrong in crying. If you feel like crying, cry out all your stress and fear. It gives relief but later face the truth.


4. Go for a walk


You will feel energized when you take a walk and feel the fresh air. It boosts up the immune system.


5. Watch a new movie


Watch a new movie which you wanted to see for a long time but postponing due to busy schedule or work.


6. Call your best friend


Call your friend and talk for some time. Don’t have any friend who can listen to you? Then read a good book. Books are the best friends.


7. Write down how you feel


Write down your thoughts and inner voice on a paper or in diary. You know it’s one of the ways to talk to yourself.

If you have any other tips to cope up with depression, share with us in the comments.

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