Our Favorite Cartoon Animals Are Portrayed As Humans; Must Say Artist Has Nailed It

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Cartoons are appealing, those weird but cute figures and the magical flavor make them one of the most pleasant things to watch. Specifically, no matter how sad or bored we are, the cartoons always put smile on our faces. Usually, the cartoons are anthropomorphic but there are many cartoon animals that are ultra popular. Every one of us has a desire to see the anthropomorphic version of those animals. Hence, today we have brought you 8 cartoon animals and their look if they were portrayed as humans.


1. Po- Kung Fu Panda

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This is the humanoid kung fu panda. Certainly, the artist nailed it. The fat panda definitely looks like the Shaolin practitioner in the picture.


2. Timon And Pumba- The Lion King

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The best friends are perfectly portrayed by the artist in this picture. Undoubtedly, we had a desire to see their human version and thanks to the artist that fulfilled our desires.


3. Sponge Bob SquarePants- Sponge Bob SquarePants

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Anthropoid Sponge Bob is one of our favorite in the list. Hence, props up to the artists as even the smallest details are covered.


4. Red- The Angry Birds Movie

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The bushy brows and the spiky hairstyles add the definition to it. Furthermore, it is the angry and macho look that makes it the spitting image of the angry bird.


5. Goofy- A Goofy Movie

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Of course, it is one of the most adorable cartoon dogs. Unquestionably, it might be difficult for the artist to draw a human face for it. However, the artist nailed it and displayed some inveterate skills.


6. Simba And Nala- The Lion King

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The fictional Lion and Lioness are now creatural characters. Of course, the human form of the characters is identical to their animal form. None of the physical features are overlooked.


7. Donkey- Shrek

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Undoubtedly, the ethnological representation cannot be any better. Moreover, this is what we would see if the donkey was a human.


8. Scrat- Ice Age

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If you have watched the movie “Ice Age” then this saber-toothed squirrel have pleased you. Similarly, the humanistic version of Scrats is not less appealing. 

No doubt, the artist has displayed a work of art. What do you think about it? Share your thoughts.


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