Farmers’ Protest 2024: Who Is Leading The Protest? How Is ‘Chalo Delhi’ Protest Different From 2020-21?

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In the dynamic realm of India’s protests, the resurgence of ‘Chalo Delhi’ 2.0 signals a crucial juncture in the enduring farmers’ struggle. Witnessing farmers again converging towards Delhi from Punjab, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh, this iteration unveils notable shifts in leadership and a widening spectrum of demands. Departing from the figures that guided the 2020 protests, the emergence of Jagjit Singh Dallewal and Sarwan Singh Pandher underscores a decentralized leadership structure in ‘Chalo India.’


Leadership Dynamics – A New Vanguard Emerges

Rakesh Tikait Farmers Protest 2024 Chalo Delhi

In this iteration of the farmers’ protest, ‘Delhi Chalo’ 2.0 introduces a significant leadership transition. ‘Chalo Delhi’ witnesses Jagjit Singh Dallewal and Sarwan Singh Pandher taking the reins, departing from figures prominent in the 2020 agitation. This shift highlights a decentralized leadership structure with diverse representation.


Amplified Demands

Lathi Charge On Protesting Farmers

Unlike the 2020 protest focused on repealing farm laws, ‘Delhi Chalo’ 2.0 broadens its spectrum of demands. ‘Chalo India’ sees farmers articulating needs that extend beyond law repeal. They seek legal assurances for Minimum Support Price (MSP), implementing the Swaminathan Commission’s formula, pensions, debt waivers, and justice for Lakhimpur Kheri victims.


Strategic March – ‘Chalo Delhi’ 2.0 Vs. 2020 Access

‘Delhi Chalo’ 2.0 distinguishes itself through a strategic approach. ‘Chalo India’ witnesses farmers marching directly toward the national capital. This contrasts with the 2020 protest, which experienced a more lenient entry into Delhi. Stringent measures, including Section 144, barbed wire, and cement barricades, define the current administration’s response to this march.


Fragmented Unity In ‘Chalo Delhi’

Farmers Protest 2024 Chalo Delhi

Solidarity seen in 2020 under the Sanyukt Kisan Morcha has fractured in ‘Chalo Delhi’ 2.0. Led by a breakaway faction, SKM (non-political), ‘Chalo India’ sees Dallewal and Pandher heading this fragmentation. It indicates a more diverse representation of farmers, each group aligning with specific causes.


Government’s Early Negotiations

In a departure from 2020, where negotiations began after the protest gained momentum, Farmers’ Protest 2.0 witnesses early government engagement. ‘Chalo India’ observes talks between farmer leaders and Union ministers commencing on February 8. This reflects a proactive approach, with the government aiming to address farmers’ concerns.

‘Chalo Delhi’ echoes not only as a call to action but also as a symbol of the ever-evolving nature of rural movements in the country. The ‘Delhi Chalo’ 2.0 movement unfolds as a dynamic chapter marked by leadership transitions, amplified demands, strategic marching, fragmented unity, and early government negotiations.

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