Lathi Charge On Farmers Protesting At Kurukshetra, Haryana; Check Video Footage

Lathi Charge Kurukshetra

Farmers protested in Kurukshetra on Tuesday by blocking the Delhi-Amritsar National Highway. They were protesting the Haryana government’s unwillingness to purchase sunflower seeds at the minimum support price (MSP). The police used water cannons and lathi charges to disperse the protesting farmers.


Reason For Farmers’ Protest

Lathi Charge On Protesting Farmers

Protesting farmers said that since the state government was not buying sunflower seeds at the MSP, it forced them to sell their crop to private bidders at a substantially lower rate of roughly Rs 4,000 per quintal rather than the MSP of Rs 6,400. They requested that the government obtain sunflower seeds at the MSP. Therefore, after their demands were not satisfied, farmers took to blocking the Delhi-Amritsar National Highway in Kurukshetra on Tuesday.

In an attempt to disperse the protesters, the police used water cannons, which shoot high-pressure water jets, as well as lathi-charge. The police used these tactics to control the crowds and restore order during the protest.


Response Of The Farmers

In response to the police lathi charge used to disperse protesters, farmers in cities around Haryana, including Sonipat, Gohana, and Rohtak, began blocking roads and highways.

Farmers in Sonipat stopped the Ganaur Pugthala Road near Sardhana village. The Ganaur Police Department was notified of the roadblock and responded quickly. They held talks with the farmers, pleading with them to lift the roadblock. During the rally, farmers chanted anti-Haryana government chants.

According to Virendra Pahal, a significant farmer leader, the protests will continue until justice is done. He expressed his dissatisfaction with the police’s use of force on the farmers, calling it a “brutal act.”

The Bharatiya Kisan Union was outraged by the reported lathi-charge on farmers. They criticized Haryana Chief Minister Manohar, Lal Khatter, for being “anti-farmers” because of their perceived mistreatment.

Furthermore, the farmers halted the Rohtak-Hisar route to express their dissatisfaction.


Congress ‘Stick Govt’ Taunt

Lathi Charge On Farmers

Congress leader Randeep Singh Surjewala attacked Haryana Chief Minister and BJP leader Manohar Lal Khattar for his role in the Kurukshetra lathi-charge. Surjewala expressed his displeasure and criticized the Chief Minister’s behavior, holding him accountable for the situation. His comments were part of a more significant political debate about the treatment of farmers and the government’s handling of protests.

Furthermore, he harshly criticized the Khattar government, calling it a “stick government.” Surjewala believes that this incident will further undermine the BJP-JJP government’s popularity. He emphasized the gap between the sunflower crop’s minimum support price (MSP), which is fixed at Rs 6,400, and the farmers’ actual selling price of Rs 4,000-4,500. Surjewala emphasized the farmers’ desire for justice and the severe response they received. He condemned the lathi charge as evidence of Khattar’s hostility towards farmers. Surjewala stated that such oppression would no longer be tolerated.

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