Explained: Why Do Flight Attendants Greet Passengers While Boarding?

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Every passenger entering an aircraft sees the flight attendant, who smiles and welcomes them as the very first person. Have you ever questioned why they can meet so many thousands of passengers over the course of their long careers without getting weary of it? It came out that these flight attendants are even doing a crucial task by greeting passengers as they board an aircraft. Long kept a secret, this work was only revealed by a few flight attendants after they had finished their assignments. Continue reading to find out.


Flight Attendant Share A Tiktok

Flight Attendent

Millions of people watched a video posted by flight attendant Kat Kamalani demonstrating how they evaluate passengers as they board the aircraft.

In a TikTok video, Kamalani (also known as @katkamalani on TikTok) disclosed that flight attendants will greet you as you enter the aircraft to see if you can assist in an emergency and to look for any significant red flags.

According to sources, the video received over 500,000 likes and nearly 2.5 million views.


Why Do Flight Attendants Greet Passengers?

Airline Attendents

The flight attendant from Salt Lake City said in the video, “So when you walk on the plane and see our happy, smiling face, we’re actually looking you up and down, trying to find our ABPs.” According to Kamalani, an ABP is an “able-body person,” or someone who can help flight attendants in an emergency.

She cited military personnel, pilots, firefighters, police officers, and doctors as examples of ABPs who might assist in medical situations when the captain needs to land the plane or if there is a security breach.

During the onboarding process, flight attendants keep an eye on the passengers who are in excellent physical condition. This is done in case of emergencies where a passenger is causing trouble on board the airplane and the flight attendants need your assistance handling them.


Searching For Human Trafficking Cases

She continued by saying that flight attendants scan the aisles for ABPs as they move about. How could Kamalani determine his job just by looking at him, a TikTok user who identified himself as a doctor questioned?

According to Kamalani, near the end of the video, flight attendants are also alert for signs of human trafficking.
She acknowledged that “it happens frequently in the industry.” And because passenger safety is our first priority, we only search for items that seem off.

Kamalani had previously stated to Insider that “if someone is holding a box that is leaking or producing a certain smell, that’s a warning that things aren’t quite right.”

As previously reported by Insider, flight attendants are taught to search for human trafficking and will alert the captain if they have any concerns. In order to discover more about the passengers, such as whether or not they have a one-way ticket, the captain can then speak with operations staff on the ground.

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