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These Are The Most Expensive Indian Weddings Ever


10. Payal Bansal And Deepak Kanodia

payal bansal wedding
  • Expenditure: 100 Crore
  • Venue: Turkey

Payal Bansal, the daughter of real estate developer Basant Bansal, married Deepak Kanodia in Turkey. This whole extravaganza took place in Turkey with performances from Isha Kopikar and Celina Jaitley. Over 150 chefs and assistants were brought to Turkey to cook an Indian Menu.  Indian Decorators decorated the whole place, which looked nothing less than a wedding of king and queen.


11. Mallika Reddy And Siddharth Reddy

mallika reddy wedding
  • Expenditure: 100 Crore
  • Venue: Hyderabad

This wedding was no less than a Bollywood wedding dream where GV Krishna’s granddaughter got married to Sidharth Reddy. The real jasmine chandelier decorated the whole place, which created a big buzz on social media. Amitabh Bachchan was one of the guests at the wedding, and according to him, it had one of the most exquisite designer wear under one roof. The food and decoration was the special element in this wedding.


12. Priya Sachdev And Vikram Chatwal

Expensive Indian weddings
  • Expenditure: 100 Crore
  • Venue: Udaipur

This wedding of Vikram Chatwal, an actor, and Hotelier, with Priya Sachdev, a Model and Investment Banker, was another dreamy tale in Mumbai Udaipur and New Delhi. They picked their guests with private jets from around the world. People like Naomi Campbell, King Khan, Lakshmi Mittal, Prince Nicolas of Greece, and the son of the late Shah of Iran also attended the event. The decoration in this wedding was so extravagant that it took approx 50,000 flowers and 3000 candles to decorate the venue.


13. Anushka Sharma And Virat Kohli

anushka sharma and virat kohli
  • Expenditure: 100 Crore
  • Venue: Tuscany

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma‘s wedding secretively took place in Borgo Finocchieto Tuscany where one night stay for one person is 1 crore. Everything about this wedding was extravagant, the Outfits, Dhol and DJ, Food everything about this wedding talked loud about being extravagant.


14. Gaurav Assomull And Kajal Fabiani

Expensive Indian weddings
  • Expenditure: 45 Crore
  • Venue: Monaco

The Marigold group’s CEO was married in 2011 to Kajal Fabiani, which took place in Monaco. Luxurious hotels were booked all over Monaco. The sangeet featured a performance by Sukhbir, and on the day of the wedding Akon, the Hip Hop star, performed. The guests were treated to a 4-course meal.

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