Check Out The Most Expensive Indian Sweets For This Diwali

Most Expensive Indian Sweets For Diwalivia

Diwali is one of the most popular festivals in India. Diwali, the festival of lights usually lasts for five days. It symbolizes the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance. People play many games on the night of Diwali. In Indian festivals, the common ingredient that binds the whole nation into one is the sweets. Sweets are being made in very unique styles in the modern world. It also gives a hike to their prices. Let us have a look at the most expensive Indian sweets that are ready to come out in the market this Diwali.


1. Exotica – INR 50,000/Kg

Exotica Sweets

Exotica is India’s most expensive sweet which originates from the royal city of Lucknow. One of the most famous sweet makers of the city, ‘Chhappan Bhog’ has brought the sweet into existence with immense efforts and hard work. Exotica is a bite-sized sweet that is made from as many as 7-8 ingredients. The ingredients are selectively sourced from all across the world. Exotica is made with blue-berries from the USA, macadamia from South Africa and Australia, hazelnut from Europe, Saffron from Kashmir, pine nuts, mamra badam from other parts of the world. The sweet has a unique packaging that comes in a traditional wooden treasure box (sandook). This makes it very easy to carry. Exotica comes in a bite-size of mere 2.5 cms. The sweet is exclusively available only at the Sadar Bazaar store of the brand.


2. Besan Filled Ladoos – INR 21,000 – 30,000/Kg

Besan Ladoos With French Valrhona Chocolate

Besan Ladoos are one of the most common sweets in Diwali. Almost every household across the nation prepare these at the festive time. But these filled besan ladoos have French Valrhona chocolate inside them. On top of the expensive French chocolate, the ladoos are dusted with edible gold. The founder of these unique besan ladoos is the ‘Arq Workshop’ in Delhi.


3. Suvarna Mithai – INR 12,000/Kg

Suvarna Mithai

The owner of ‘Prashant Corner’ in Mumbai’s Thane, Prashant Sakpal, sells one of the costliest sweets of the city is the Suvarna mithai. The mithai is prepared using gold leaves, almonds, saffron, pistachio, and cardamom. The ostentatious ingredients clearly justify the price of the sweet. Sakpal claimed that the making of the sweet is quite a laborious job and requires 7-8 hours of work to prepare just 5 kg of it. Two of the ingredients namely almond and pistachios are imported from Iran.


4. Gold Leaf Dry Fruit Sweets – INR 9,000/Kg

Gold Leaf Dry Fruit Sweets

Gold Leaf is from the store, ’24 carat Mithai Magic’ in Gujarat. The shop sells sweets covered with 24-carat gold leaves around the year. The sweet is made up of dry fruits and gulkhand and the ordinary silver film used to cover the sweets is replaced by a gold one.


5. Gold Ghari – INR 9,000/Kg

Gold Ghari

The gold ghari is an improvised version of the sweet ghari. Ghari is made up of ghee, mawa, and sugar especially in Surat. Normal ghari is priced at around 800/kg while the exquisite version of the sweet is almost priced more than 11 times the ethical version. The gold ghari is covered with real edible gold.

Sweets play a major role in our lives and the festivals add even more joy to it. The demand for sweets touches its peak during Diwali time. Above mentioned were some of the costliest sweets available in India. However, real happiness and satisfaction still lie in handmade and homemade sweets.

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