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These Behaviors Show That You Still Love Your Ex

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10. Deep Inside, You Relate Everything To Them

Girl sad and thinking about her ex

Whether it’s a song, book, sport or food you try to relate everything to your Ex. You look for their qualities in each and every topic that comes up. You constantly relate everything in your life with your Ex somehow.


11. You Feel Incomplete

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You have a constant feeling of rejection and always feel incomplete in one way or other. Feeling deprived of something and unlucky in some way. You always crave for their arms and warmth.


12. You Somehow End Up Missing Them

Girl sitting and crying about her ex

While doing work, reading a book, listening music you end up missing them terribly, deeply, senselessly and unfathomable. At some point, your thought process deviates and you end up thinking about them. You miss them even without intending to and your heart sinks as you crave to communicate with your ex again.

When you’ve been in love with someone for so long you rely on their memory to remember your own past.

 “After all, those who truly love, never stop loving”

You cannot stop a person from doing what they want, they’ll start lying to continue doing it and this is often times what happens when a relationship breaks off without closure. It is important to know that we should give ourselves time to get over our exes in our own ways. It might be hard but you will eventually learn to love again and love someone else.  Read about a few things every woman would want her future husband to know about!

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