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These Behaviors Show That You Still Love Your Ex

Deepika Padukone thinking about her exvia

4. Listening To Their Favourite Songs

Sad girl listening to songs

You purposefully listen to their favorite songs and develop a similar taste because it helps you relive some of those good old times. It helps you in reminding yourself of their qualities.


5. You Secretly Pray That Your Ex Remains Single Their Whole life

Girl thinking about her ex sitting in the beach

You want your Ex to be yours or either remain single forever because the thought of he/she being happy with someone else destroys you emotionally. You want them to be yours so desperately that you end up thinking this most of the times.


6. You Try To Run Into Them

Girl planning on meeting her ex to get back in relationship

You are not following them or stalking but you just happen to be there at the same place at the same time coincidentally just to get a glimpse of them. You do all this just for the pleasure of seeing them again even if it might last for a fraction of a second.

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