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These Behaviors Show That You Still Love Your Ex

Deepika Padukone thinking about her exvia

7. Developing A Closer Bond With Those Belonging To Their Inner Circle

Becoming friends with close companions of ex

You try to develop a closer bond with those in their inner circle of friends hoping it might work for you, hoping that you both might end up together again. You do all this thinking that their friends might say praises about you in front of them and this might become the reason that they start feeling for you again.


8. Listening To Their Name Gives You Goosebumps

Girl thinking about her ex and being sad

If hearing their name gives you Goosebumps and instantaneously changes your mood, takes away all your sorrow and gives you pleasure, it’s a clear sign of true love.


9. Their Name Somehow Comes Up In Your Conversations

Girl crying about ex to her friend

Any normal conversation about any random topic ends up in you somehow mentioning about your Ex in one or another way. A clear sign that you are still not over them is when you make them a part of your daily conversations. This happens even if the topics being talked about don’t involve them.

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