Endangered Orangutan Died After Being Shot Brutally For 130 Times


There is no stop for human cruelty. And this incident which happened in Indonesia is the proof for it. One of the critically endangered species orangutans was shot at least 130 times with an air gun before it died.

The great ape was still alive when he was taken to a hospital in the town of Bontang, said Police Chief Teddy Ristiawan. According to the Center for Orangutan Protection, it died the following day.

An X-ray of the Bornean orangutan showed at least 130 air gun pellets in its body where 70 pellets in its head.


The autopsy revealed palm fruit kernels in the orangutan’s colon and pineapple remnants in its stomach that it had been feeding in crop farms.

 “The death was the most ever in the history of human-and-orangutan conflicts in Indonesia,” said Ramadhani, habitat protection manager at the COP.


“We are shocked by this senseless cruelty that has resulted in the suffering and death of an orangutan, a critically endangered species that is protected by national law from such harm. We urge relevant government officials in Indonesia to investigate the killing and prosecute the offenders to the full extent of the law.” said Teresa Telecky, a spokesperson for Humane Society International.


In Indonesia and Malaysia, Orangutans are a protected species but deforestation has dramatically reduced their habitat and brought them into contact with farmers and plantation workers who kill them to protect crops and for meat.


Villagers spotted the male orangutan over the weekend in a lake in the Kutai Timur district of East Kalimantan in the Indonesian portion of Borneo.

Police arrested two rubber farmers who were suspected in the killing.

Killing a species for 130 times and stabbing it to death is something very awful. Isn’t it? Share us in the comments. Ever wondered what would happen if humans became extinct?

Pavani Bharathula
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