Two Elderly Women, Friends For 80 Years Meet After Ages, Video Will Make You Emotional Too

Elderly Women Couple

‘True Friends Are Never Apart, May Be In Distance But Never In Heart.’ One can feel this quote if you have the one to whom you can call whenever you want. These days, a lifetime friendship is really hard to find. However, those who have this friendship are lucky and cherish the friendship lifetime. Recently, a video of two elderly women meeting after ages went viral, and it will make you emotional too.

The video was posted by a guy named Mukil Menon, who is the grandson of one of the green saree women. Both elderly women gladly meet each other, even exchanging smiles and laughs and catching some old memories.

Mukil Menon wrote on Instagram,

“A friendship of over 80 years. My granny would always tell me that she wants to see her bestie and so I made the two buddies meet each other. Here is how they met and exchanged nostalgia of decades.”


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The video touched the hearts of many people and labeled this friendship as cute and pure. Here are some of the comments.

Elderly Couple Friendship Comment

Well done, Mukil, for fulfilling your grandmother’s wishes. You really deserve a round of applause. It is such a beautiful example of friendship.

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Praneet Samaiya
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