Watch: Groom’s Heart-Touching Reaction After A Student Gatecrashes For Food At His Wedding

Bihar Student Gatecrashes Nearby Wedding

A wedding is a significant event not just in the lives of the bride and groom but also in the lives of their families and friends. Weddings, especially in India, are all about greeting guests and eating delicious cuisine. Furthermore, a variety of delicious meals are present as part of the wedding feast. The varieties of foods vary depending on where you are in the country. The most essential ‘gift’ for the visitors is free food they can eat as often as they want. However, not everyone who gets to eat for free is on the guest list. While most organizers are unaware of uninvited guests, not every gatecrasher is that fortunate. A student from Bihar recently gatecrashesd a nearby wedding by pretending as one of the attendees in exchange for free food. What happened next is as follows.


Groom’s Response Wins Over Netizens

Gatecrash Wedding Groom Response

It’s not easy to feast on Shaadi ka Khana when not on the guest list. Few people are caught gatecrashing and are even fined by the organizers. However, a video of such an insane incident has just gone viral on social media. In the video, a young man approached the groom and informed him that he had gatecrashed the latter’s wedding reception for food. Furthermore, the boy stated his desire to the groom, claiming that he was a hosteller and had not prepared the food. He spotted the wedding and decided to rush in without an invitation since he was hungry. Moreover, as he arrived, he wanted to go to the groom and ask him if he had any problems with his act.


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The young man said, “I have come to your wedding and have no idea what your name is or where you live. I live in a nearby hostel and did not cook today, so I came to your wedding reception to eat since I was hungry. I considered informing you.” The boy was also filming his conversation with the groom. After carefully listening to the boy, the groom expressed his approval and stated that he had no objections to the move made by the former. Additionally, he also asked the boy to take some food along for him and his fellow hostellers. The joy on the student’s face, Alok Yadav, is priceless.


Netizens React To The Incident

Gatecrash Wedding

The video now has a large number of likes as it was viral on Instagram. Furthermore, Netizens are deeply happy with the groom’s kind gesture. They suspected the groom had spent time in the hostel because he cared about them. Many, on the other hand, praised the young man’s honesty. Moreover, many people recalled their college days and how they used to crash weddings. The old tradition of gatecrashing weddings has become prevalent in Desi culture. It’s because teenagers and hostel residents never miss an opportunity to get free food. The video was viral on social media.

Earlier, an MBA student was punished for dishwashing after he gatecrashes at a wedding in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

The video got viral, and people trolled the video maker for humiliating a student. What do you guys think about it? Which side are you on?

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