A Drunk Man Drives Home An Ambulance Instead Of His Audi, His Family Noticed The Weird Instance

Hospital Reported About The Lost Ambulance

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Alcohol makes the people do crazy things. The reason behind is that alcohol damages the judging sense. To conclude, a heavy dose can make the consumer unable to judge things. Furthermore, a drunk man can do considerable offence. A similar yet funny case was witnessed in Chennai, where a businessman unintentionally takes the ambulance to his home.


The Drunk Man Left His Audi And Drives Ambulance

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The surprising thing is that the businessman left his Audi in the hospital. Since the man was drunk, he had no idea that he was driving a Maruti Omni. The hospital noticed that the ambulance was lost and they complained that to the thousands lights police. The investigation was going when the driver of the Businessman drove the ambulance inside the hospital and he clarified the whole situation. A police official said, “Just then a man drove the ambulance into the hospital and profusely apologized saying his boss, a businessman, had mistakenly driven it home.”


The Case Was Hilarious

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The case became crystal clear when the driver told that the owner of the Audi brought his friend to the hospital and mistakenly taken the ambulance to his home. The man was then interrogated about Audi from his family then the drunken man realized his mistake.

Loss Was Compensated

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There was a minor damage to the ambulance. The side mirror was broken but the driver promised the compensation for the loss. He then he left the hospital with the Audi. The hospital refused to pursue the case further.

Alcohol Is Bad In Every Way

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The instance is funny as well as an example that alcohol can do serious damage one way or another. Luckily the businessman got away with this case.

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