What This Dog Did To Pune Doctor Who Suffered A Heart Attack Melts Your Heart

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If you ask me to show an example for unconditional love and loyalty, then I say the word ‘animals’. Be it a dog, cow, bird, elephant or lion, if you pamper it, then it will sacrifice its life to save you with love. So, next time when you are scolding or comparing any human being with any animal, hold on for a moment. Because animals are far better than human beings who don’t know the word ‘humanity’

A person without humanity can’t give love. And today 3/4th of the “so-called” human beings lack it. It is the time to learn from animals which teach many things. Animals are the perfect example of gratitude and love. If you help it once, it will remember you till it dies.

A Pune-based doctor, Ramesh Sancheti got a first-hand example of the same. Exactly 16 years ago, Sancheti came across a tiny puppy in his housing society of Swargate. From that time onwards, the 65-year-old man took the responsibility of taking care of the pup along with Amit Shah, his neighbor who runs an NGO for visually impaired and specially-abled dogs.


Sancheti and Shah named the little dog as Brownie. Dr. Sancheti helped Brownie in recovering from a terrible ailment when she was about 14 years old. About two years ago, her health was critical after suffering from kidney ailments. After her treatment, the Sanchetis took special care of Brownie, helping her recover from a 50 percent kidney failure.

On Wednesday 23 January 2019, Sancheti suffered a partial paralytic attack and a minor cardiac arrest. On noticing her owner’s critical situation, Brownie started crying softly and repeatedly placed her front leg on the bedroom window.

Every day at around 12:30 pm, Shah feeds Brownie. But on Wednesday, when he came to feed, he observed Brownie behaving in a peculiar manner.


“She kept raising up with difficulty and placing her front legs on the window, looking inside. Initially, I was quite confused, but when I went nearer, a gap in the window revealed to me that the doctor had collapsed on the floor.” Said, Shah.

Shah broke and opened the door lock, called the neighbors, and rushed Dr. Sancheti to a nearby hospital.

“Her senses made her aware of sounds of heavy breathing and [Sancheti’s] collapse despite not being inside the house,” Shah explains, adding that “Canines also have an extremely advanced sense of smell. All credit goes to her loyalty. Without her timely warning, people would have known too late. The precious time needed for urgent treatment to save his life would have been lost.”

It is because of Brownie that Sancheti got another life. During the time of the collapse, Sancheti’s wife was in Mumbai, his son was in Bavdhan and his daughter was in the US. Dr. Sancheti is currently admitted in an ICU, and let’s wish him a speedy recovery. Check out some human food is really good for your dog.

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