Development Of India And Pakistan After 1947 Is Remarkable, But Still A Lot More To Cover


Seventy-five years from now India gained freedom, but eventually got separated into India and Pakistan. Both of the countries rose up so fast and achieve many goals in the terms of development. So, today on the occasion of Independence Day we have brought you some development-related facts and stats that show the growth of the respective countries.


Infant Mortality Rate


One of the main bases to measure development is the Infant Mortality Rate (IMR). In 1960, the IMR of India was 165/1000 which was reduced to 38/1000 till 2015. Similarly, Pakistan also improved in this section, the IMR was 192/1000 in 1960 and it was reduced to 66/1000 till 2015.


National Income (GDP)


The Gross Domestic Income of India was 81.3$ (Rs 1705) back in 1947. Moreover, the condition of Pakistan was not better in terms of GDP as it had 82.5$ GDP. However, both of the countries made a remarkable development in this field, and in 2016 India’s GDP was 1709$ (Rs 1,14,530) and Pakistan’s GDP was 1468$. No doubt, this needs to be improved more but we cannot deny the progressive strides of the countries after 1947. India’s GDP per capita was 16.4% higher than Pakistan according to World Bank.


Literacy Rate


The literacy rate of India boosted from 20% in 1951 to 74% in 2015. However, the growth of the literacy rate of Pakistan is far below. Pakistan’s literacy rate is only 58%.


Life Expectancy


The average life expectancy was 41 years in 1960 but now changed to 68 years which is increased by 65.8%. Similarly, Pakistan showed equal progress in this field.




Apart from the general factors of development, technology also showed remarkable progress. Both of the countries gained freedom together. One of them has reached Mars. However, the other is still trying to reach India.

After looking at the progress that the countries have made, we have all the hopes for a better future. We wish you a happy independence day. You can share your thoughts or wishes in the comment sections.

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