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Destination wedding? Hell no. Underwater it is!



We all have some kind of wedding goals which maybe fictional or maybe realistic but possible. Destination wedding is the new trend which has gain a lot of attention in past five years because our young generation wants everything extraordinary but ever imagined of this kind of underwater wedding?

Well, we are just talking about some imaginable event but what this couple did is really EPIC!





This couple just took the destination wedding thing to a whole new (sea) level. An adventurous bride and groom exchanged vows on the floor of a giant aquarium  surrounded by whale sharks, manta rays and thousands of other marine animals in New Orleans! 


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"We never thought we would get married in an aquarium, but it mixes our love for diving and for one another, it's something we love doing together" Crystal said in a statement.

Isn't it beautiful? Wait, can't believe in these words? Watch this video instead!



Video by Inside Editon.

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