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Varieties Of Delicious Mangoes In India That You Should Try

Delicious Mangovia

6. Himsagar From West Bengal


Even though Himsagar mango looks greenish in color, it is extremely sweet, aromatic and great in milkshakes too. These are popular varieties of mangoes in Kolkata. Himsagar mangoes are available only during the month of June. Himsagar mangoes are cultivated in Nadia, Maldah, Hooghly, and Murshidabad.


7. Langra From Hardoi And Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh


It is popular in West Bengal as well as Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar. Uttar Pradesh is famous for its Langra variety of mangoes. It is still a mystery why this mango is called Langra. Langra mangoes are widely available from July to August. However, you can get this variety all year long in most parts of north India, especially Delhi.


8. Chausa From Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh


Chausa or Chaunsa mangoes popular in North India and Bihar are exceptionally sweet mangoes with a wonderful fragrance and delicious soft flesh with only the minimum of fiber. The emperor Sher Shah Suri introduced this variety of mango to the Northern lands of India from Pakistan during his reign in the 1500s. The fruit is available between July and August.


9. Neelam From Southern Part Of India


Even though Neelam is available throughout the season, the tastiest ones come in only by June. These mangoes are a favorite in Hyderabad, though they are produced all over the country. They are smaller in size and a prominent dull pale orange in color.


10. Kesar From Junagadh, Gujarat


Kesar Mangoes is also known as the “Queen of Mangoes”. It is largely found in the foothills of Girnar Mountains of Junagadh. Typically grown in and around Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Kesar Mangoes are the preferred ones for aam ras in Gujarat.  The color of the pulp resembles saffron. Kesar Mangoes are available between April and July.

Have you tried all these varieties? Did you taste any other variety of mangoes that are not mentioned in the list? Share us in the comments. In case, if you would like to know the different rice varieties in India, then read here.

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