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Varieties Of Delicious Mangoes In India That You Should Try

Delicious Mangovia

As soon as summer season enters, the one fruit that comes to our mind is mango. I bet there will not be even one person who doesn’t like mango. If there is any person who hates mango, then one big silence for them. Mangoes, the king of all fruits has a massive fan following for its delicious taste. Once you have a bite of this pulpy wonder, you will never forget the taste. It is just so yummy.

I can say even non-mango lovers will change their choice for sure. India is the largest producer of mangoes in the world. Indian mangoes are famous in the world for its sweetness, richness and unique flavor, and moreover, mango is an important agricultural fruit of the country. Apart from enjoying the fruit, you can also make delicious desserts, drinks, and yummy mango pickle. There are hundreds of varieties but today we bring out you the top 10 varieties of mangoes that one must try at least once in a lifetime.


1. Totapari Popular In Southern Part Of India


It has a shape with the tip looking like a parrot’s beak. Totapuri mangoes are mainly grown in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Tamil Nadu. It is not sweet like the other mango varieties but is excellent for salads, pickles, juice drinks. This fruit is available only between June and July.


2. Pairi, Native To Coastal Maharashtra, Goa And Gujarat


Pairi is a common choice to make aam ras in the western states of India. It is not so sweet but has a noticeable sour bite hidden somewhere in that deliciousness. This fruit is available only between May and June.


3. Safeda/Banganapalli From Andhra Pradesh


Safeda originally from Andhra Pradesh has found widespread acceptance across the country. These mangoes are quite fibreless. It is large sized and weighs on an average 350-400 g. You can experience the deep sweet taste and the skin has a lovely bright yellow hue. This variety is generally available from March to July due to suitable climatic conditions.


4. Dussehri From Uttar Pradesh


Dussehri is one of the oldest mango varieties in the country. It conquers your hearts with its sweetness and aroma. The tropical fruit arrives from the beautiful farms of Malihabad village in Uttar Pradesh. It is fibreless and is bright yellow in color used for making chutney and aam ras. These are available from mid-May to late August.


5. Alphonso From Ratnagiri, Maharashtra


Alphonso is succulent and extremely yummy. Even though it is native to Maharashtra, it is also grown in Gujarat and parts of Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh. It is the most expensive variety of Indian mangoes and is exported in plenty. It has good sugar and acid blend. You can’t deny if you had one as it will leave its color around your lips. It is available between May and June.

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