Delhi Metro: Two Women Fight And Abuses Each Other Viral Video

Delhi Metro Women Abused Each Other

Delhi Metro becomes more intriguing day by day. It has a lot to offer. It’s no longer just a medium to transport. Now it is a typical Indian entertainment show. From people making reels to couples expressing love, every now and again, funny videos from Delhi Metro take the internet by storm. Another tense situation happened when two women engaged in a heated argument in Delhi Metro. Continue reading to learn more.


Delhi Metro Viral Video

Delhi Metro: Two Women Fight

The two women in the video initially stand apart and approach each other while screaming insults. One of the women is also seen scaring the other woman by pulling her shoe, while the other woman responds by swinging a bottle as they fight.

As seen in the video, the woman is aggravated, responding with abusive, insulting words as the other woman uses the metro’s phone service to call a Metro Officer seeking assistance to avoid further repercussions.

Hearing the shameless words, the woman becomes enraged and throws water at the other women. Check out the video here:

(Caution: Video has foul language)


People’s Reaction

Delhi Metro Women Abused Each Other

The video has gone insanely popular on the internet, leaving people in splits. Because of the drama of the entire incident, netizens have requested Part 2′ of the Viral Video.

Meanwhile, when the video became popular on the internet, netizens’ opinions were diverse and surprising. While many people enjoyed it and responded with funny reactions and memes, others chastised the women for causing a commotion inside public transport.

What do you think about this incident? Do you find it funny? Or are you upset? Let us know in the comments.

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