Delhi Cop Seema Dhaka Promoted For Tracing 76 Missing Kids In The Last 3 Months

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A brave Police officer of India, Seema Dhaka, 33, did not take even a day off in the past three months. She successfully reunited as many as 76 kids with their families. Out of which 56 children were less than 14 years of age. She says that the happiness of each mother after meeting their kids was her biggest motivation throughout the operation. One of the most inspirational stories you will read today. Many times Seema broke out while talking to the children’s family members.

Being a mother herself, she could actually understand the terrible situation of the family members. There was an incentive scheme proposed by the Delhi Police Commissioner named ‘Asadharan Karya Puraskar’ that offered out-of-turn promotions for the constables. The scheme was initiated in August this year. Seema Dhaka who was then a constable took it on her and firmly decided to rescue as many kids she could.

Seema Dhaka Delhi Police

One of the kids rescued by Seema was Manisha who hails from Alipur, Delhi. Manisha was cheated on by a woman in 2015. The woman brought Manisha to Tigri, in Uttar Pradesh. Manisha was forcefully married to the brother in law of the woman. Manisha was sitting outside her house with two children in her lap. She burst out with tears when she saw the police team coming to rescue her.

Seema Dhaka Delhi Police

She pleaded with the team to take her away from that place. The team successfully rescued the girl and brought her back to Delhi. Manisha was just 15 years old when she was cheated on, she studied in 8th class. Manisha’s father who is a laborer also filed an FIR, but Manisha was not found at that time. Seema Dhaka met with the father of the girl, who is a painter. Her father started to cry while telling Seema that Manisha called him a few days ago and she said that she is quite distraught. Seema traced Manisha with the help of the phone number she used to talk to her father.

Seema shared a very special bond with some of the children who were rescued. “There were these two children whom I traced. While accompanying them to their homes in West Bengal, they developed a special bond with me during the train journey. They were crying when it was time for me to leave them with their parents,” said Seema Dhaka. According to her, reuniting the children with their families was equally difficult as finding them.

One of the boys whom Seema reunited with his family said that he did not want to go home as his stepfather was abusive. But, Seema actively ensured that the mother knew about this and would take care of the boy once she is gone. Most of the children were separated from their families for a very long time, said Seema. Many challenges were faced by Seema as the operation took place amid the pandemic. But, the officer tackled every obstacle with sheer bravery.

Seema Dhaka Delhi Police

Seema Dhaka thanked her seniors for their constant support. Seema Dhaka is now an Assistant Sub-Inspector in Delhi Police. She also became the first police personnel to be given out-of-turn promotion. The cop is a farmer’s daughter from Uttar Pradesh and has an eight-year-old son. Seema Dhaka said that she is happy about her sincere efforts being recognized. She said that it will help her and motivate her in the future. Several people including Delhi Commissioner of Police, SN Srivastava, Smriti Irani also took up Twitter to congratulate Seema Dhaka. The nation is proud of you Seema Dhaka.

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