Most Creepiest Images Taken From Google Street View- #5 Is Shocking

Creepy images from googlevia

6. Detroit Resident Threatening Google

Detriot hood google image

This terrifying image of a Detroit resident pointing a large weapon at the Google vehicle. Google has since blurred out the gun, but Reddit user Free_ nabbed a few clear screenshots before the image was censored. Even more disturbing, a 17-month-old child was found dead in what appears to be the same home just a few months before this image was taken.


7. This Guy In A Gas Mask

Gas mask man google image

Looks like the Google car startled this guy in the middle of a leisurely gas-mask stroll.


8. An Injured Cow

Cow injured google street view image

Street View documentarian Jon Rafman found this upsetting image of a cow that appears to be sick or injured, dragging itself to the side of a highway.


9. A Glitch In The Matrix

Glitch in image google street view

Déjà vu is a glitch in the Matrix. It happens when they change something.


10. A Scene From The Birds

Creepiest Images

We wouldn’t dare approach the cars trapped under this massive flock of seagulls. Run. Run so far away.

So there you go, guys. Those were the creepiest Google Street images. Some of them bust have definitely creeped you out. If you think this is it then you have no idea about what is about to come up. Jumping from photographs to artworks side, and French artist Al Margen has drawn some amazing artworks depicting the modern lifestyle. Do check it out!