You Wont Believe These Weird Things Found Inside Human Body

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Every so often, crazy stories about the weird things found inside people make the news. The human body is very resilient, but sometimes the amount of abuse it can take is absolutely remarkable.This is a collection of the craziest objects ever found inside people.The list will leave you marveling at the wonders of the human mind, wondering why on Earth these people would condemn themselves to such a strange a memorable fate.


1. The Indiana Child Who Swallowed 30 Magnets

The eight-year-old in question swallowed nearly 30 magnets and other chunks of metal, perhaps with the misconception that they were candy, singlehandedly ruining whatever brand of magnet that was for all the smart kids who know that cold, hard and metal doesn’t mean “snack”. God only knows why she was drawn to them or why they attracted her. Magnets attract each other and are specifically dangerous because their pull can destroy stomach lining, major organs and also ruin blood flow patterns (which, ICP, is how they work. The girl was forced to undergo major surgery to remove the magnets, which were all in different stages of digestion.


2. Florida Man Smuggles Stuff Into Prison

Florida Smuggler Smuggles Things Into Prison

To be exact, he packed 17 Oxycodone pills, 1 cigarette, 6 matches, 1 flint, 1 empty syringe with an eraser over the needle tip, 1 lip balm container, 1 condom, 1 CVS receipt, and a coupon… in his rectum. The most impressive thing about this feat however is that he stuffed all of those objects into a condom. What brand is made to survive that kind of packing? If that information got out, it would have been great publicity.


3. Man Carried A Rusty Knife In His Head

Rusty Knife found inside a man's head

Li Fuyan spent 3 years of his unknowingly carrying around a 4-inch knife in his head. During a robbery, he had attempted to stop the criminal and was stabbed through his throat during the ensuing scuffle. Afterwards, Li believed that the robber must have taken the knife with him and only complained about some bleedings in his throat or occasional problems with swallowing. When he eventually went to hospital, doctors found the blade in his head. It had luckily missed major arteries and nerves and not caused any significant damage to the surrounding tissue.


4. Forks And Spoons Inside A Woman’s Stomach

Forks And Spoons Found In Woman's Stomach

Margaret Daalman had to go to hospital and have surgery to remove a collection of forks and spoons from her stomach, digestive system and throat after the Netherlands woman had swallowed them. Eating strange items isn’t a particularly rare event. In Fact, one neurological disorder known as pica can be very common in women and can occur due to chemical imbalances or an iron deficiency. It generally causes the sufferer to eat substances that are not nutritious and not really edible.


5. Coca-Cola Bottle In A Wrong Place

Coca-Cola Bottle Found on X-rays

This 60-year-old man claims that “thieves” shoved the entire Coca-cola bottle in his anus (insert breaking and entering joke here) showing us that sometimes, when people tell you exactly where to shove something that sometimes, just sometimes, they will be taken at their word. He was constipated for days, probably because the entire bottle of Coca-cola was kind of in the way, and was eventually admitted to the hospital.

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