You Wont Believe These Weird Things Found Inside Human Body

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6. The Poster Of Donny Osmond

Donnie Osmond Picture

This particular health issue became something of a viral hit in England after it turned up on the BBC program Bizarre ER. In it, the woman had gone to the hospital as she was experiencing severe pain in her pelvic area and genitals. Fearing that she may have an infection or a foreign object stuck inside her, doctors examined the woman and found that she had a large rolled-up poster of Donny Osmond inserted inside her for unknown reasons.


7. Plastic Utensil From A Fast Food Restaurant

Plastic Ustensil From A Fast Food Restaurant

When John Manley began to experience disturbing symptoms such as a cough, fatigue and several bouts along with pneumonia, he suffered for two years. One doctor even offered to remove his lung for him. Finally, the doctors at the Duke University decided to have a look inside his lung using a small camera and find out what was wrong with him.The word wrong could be described as the one-inch piece of plastic with writing on it. After when it was removed, the doctors examined it and found that it was a plastic utensil from Wendy’s fast food restaurant.


8. Dandelion Inside A Young Girl’s Ear

Field Filled With Dandelions

A young girl from Beijing in China reportedly had a dandelion growing in her ear. Oddee reported the parents of the girl took her to the doctor, after having seen something growing in her ear. Doctor’s found a “fully-formed dandelion” about 2 cm long upon examining her.It filled the whole ear canal, but the doctors said the removal process took just moments.


9. This Man Had A Belt Inside His Chest

Black Belt Inside The Chest

Doctors thought it was a classic tuberculosis case which turned out to be something really bizarre. This case is from India where Anuj Ranjan was diagnosed with a fistula which doctors believed was created due to an infection in his chest cavity. However, when the doctors went for his chest surgery they found an 8-foot long belt inside.


10.  Bullet Shells

Bullet Shells Dropping On the Floor Weird Things

An ex-soldier managed to bring the throws of war right to his own body by creating a dangerous suppository — clearly an invention that would rival renewable energy or even real-life Iron Man armor. Apparently, he used a shell to get the bullet all the way up his rectum, because it probably seemed like a good idea at the time.The World War II veteran suffered such bad hemorrhoids that they would get stuck in the seam of his underpants as he walked, kind of like when you have long leg hair and you wear boxer briefs. You know it happens. Imagine that with hemorrhoids!

Whether those persons have intentionally inserted something inside themselves or they have had the misfortune to accidentally lodge an item within their bodies without knowing, having a foreign object within your body can be a very dangerous situation, so keep your eyes open and be careful! There are many weird things in the USA that surprise tourist there.

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