Top 10 Most Corrupt Political Parties In The World 2017, Read Which Indian Party In The List


Politics!!! The one subject most of the people won’t opt during their course of education but like to discuss it wherever possible i.e. on Corrupt Political Parties. People see politics as crime, corruption and dirty.

Politics is not dirty but some people made it so ugly in such a way that no parent suggests their children to enter it.

There is obviously no party which is not corrupted but what matters is whether they do any good to the country or not, whether they take any effective measures to eradicate poverty, unemployment or not.

What happens when the most corrupt politician gets the throne of CM or PM? They just eat money and do nothing to the country; they increase price rates of everything that people struggle to live, Unemployment, poverty, crime rate just increases.

Well, here is the list of top 10 most corrupt political parties in the world 2017.


1. Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz, PML(N)- Pakistan


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Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz gained large number of seats in general elections 2013 which is prominently the biggest party of Punjab. Including Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, there are large number of cases of corruption are Fired on the member of this party. Nawaz Sharif name is included in the Panama Leaks which are reported to be made by the money of State, despite of this Hanif Abbasi is also accused of large quantity of money in case of drug smuggling.


2. National Resistance Movement – Uganda


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National Resistance Movement which came into being after their strong military wing is the most prominent party of Uganda.  According to reports, party and its candidates are involved in large number of controversies and illegal issues predominantly the war issues that found millions of people to death. Due to the deaths of millions of citizens, this party is much hated by the inhabitants.


3. Progressive Action Party – Cuba



The Progressive Action Party was founded in 1949 and was led by Fulgencio Batista, the party was founded in 1949. According to history, this party gained lot of illegal money during their reign and also involved in torture, rules violence and thousands of deaths of citizens.


4. Indian National Congress – India



Indian National Congress which was founded in 1885 during British rule has great role in the independence of India.  It is one of the leading parties of India and has gained majority in almost six regions but not able to be the leading because of their corruption cases came before the people. Now leadership of party included in corrupt politicians including Rahul Gandhi.


5. Vietnam’s Communist party – Vietnam



The communist party of Vietnam is another prominent party known for the corruption and corrupt people was found in 1925. According to history of this party, this was found for the preparation of world-shattering struggle against regal French in order to increase distinction in profession. According to reports, this party sent large number of non-communist to the jail, therefore, there are thousands of political challengers have been banished in the country at the same time, party was merged as the modern party in 1976.

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6. Kuomintang – China



This party Kuomintang of China which is also called Nationalist Party of China is considered as the major political party in Republic of China. This party Nationalist which is in Government, forced people of the country Taiwan compulsory obeys the martial law but most of the people opposed this kind of dictatorship leadership but some people liked this party and their leadership.


7. Nationalist Fascist Party – Italy



The National Fascist Party was an Italian political party which was created by Benito Mussolini. The party ruled on the country Italy from 1922 to 1943 when Fascists took power with the March on Rome, when Mussolini was overthrew by the Grand Council of Fascism. They also created clandestine policies to obliterate all political opponents; dictatorship was then made when Prime Minister Mussolini and his supporters merged their power through a progression of laws. However, they were dismissed in 1943 at the end of the government.


8. Nazi Party – Germany



National Socialist German Workers party which is commonly referred as NAZI Party was the leading party of Germany from 1920 to 1945. When they came as ruler party in the leadership of Adolf Hitler, they confident anti-Semitism and anti-communism as he instituted an authoritarian so this resulted in large number of deaths because millions of Jews were killed by them therefore party was most hated as well.


9. Communist Party of China- China



Communist Party of China is another biggest and sole governing party of the country. This party was formed in 1921 by Li Dazhao and Chen Duxiu but after independence of the country, party grew very quickly therefore this is now called as the second largest party with respect to membership that is 88.76 millions. Though the political group seems to bound onward, their association has resulted to gigantic suffering, famine, and insufficiency throughout the country.


10.  Communist Party of the Soviet Union – Russia



Soviet Union’s Communist party is one of the major political parties of the Russia. Till 1990, it was the sole governing party of the Soviet Union. It subjugated the cultural, political, and financial life of millions of inhabitants of the country Russia. According to reports that party controls all the constitutional and legal documents that were supposedly to be handled by the government therefore party was totally banned in 1991.


Do you know any other party which is highly corrupted? Share us in the comments.

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