Some iOS 10 Features That Are Too Cool To Ignore



Apple is not only tech oligarch but also dominating the smartphone market since very long time or we can say since it launched iOS. Without fail, in very short time,it comes up with an exciting new version of OS like this time iOS 10.  

No doubt the brand believes in competing with itself. Since past years, Apple has added many new cool features such as Siri is able to work with apps or an app for messages etc. But, that is not all with this incredible smartphone OS. iOS 10 features are just irresistible and you hardly can ignore any of them.

Open your camera from lock screen itself

iOS 10


No hustle and bustle of drawing a lock pattern. You can simply access your camera from the lock screen itself. This will be most useful during those sudden motion shots.

Songs added to Apple music are available for auto-download

iOS 10


It has eliminated all hindrances of music download for you.  

Follow these steps to switch on auto-download option:

  • Enable the feature of auto downloading by opening Settings>>Music>>Downloads and slide the switch in front of Automatic downloads.
  • Choose “+Add” button for auto downloading the tracks.


Send messages in your own handwriting and doodles

iOS 10


Who doesn’t like scribbling, especially on that smooth smartphone screen? While chatting turn your phone into landscape mode and you will find a squiggly scribble at the bottom of the keyboard.

Close all n number of tabs together

iOS 10Ref

Yes, you can open endless tabs in Safari and you can close them altogether. Too much convenience to handle! But we love it!

Mini search engine for your photos

iOS 10Ref

This is really cool one because it gives you your mini search engine for your personal photos. Do not scroll through hundreds of photos, type any keyword related to thing which is there in picture and it will show you images related to that only

Yes, the features are so cool and unique in themselves. Apple never fails in impressing us. Coming up with these types of unthinkable ideas, the brand always manages to prove itself as worthy of all the aristocracy it enjoys.


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