Congress Toolkit Exposed: Read Full Document That Contains A Propaganda To Defame PM Modi

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Defaming the party in power by the opposition is not surprising. In this critical time of the second wave of coronavirus, every state, political party, health care worker, and the research team is busy finding a cure, developing vaccination to overcome this critical situation. Toolkits are the talk of the town since Greta Thunberg’s toolkit was exposed. A new toolkit of the Congress Party ‘defame PM Modi’ is going viral on social media.


Congress Toolkit To Defame Prime Minister

Congress Toolkit Exposed
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The congress toolkit contains 4 pages and a detailed description of how to defame Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The leaked document targets Hinduism, defaming the nation’s culture and calling Kumbh Mela a super spreader of coronavirus. The toolkit also focused on how to defame BJP for compromising national security. The document focused on how to fight PM Narendra Modi on various fronts and spread hatred.


Dual Nature?

Congress Toolkit Exposed
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The toolkit makes a mockery of Maha Kumbh Mela and Hinduism. The Congress leader asked to call Maha Kumbh Mela as ‘Super Spreader Kumbh’ and portray Kumbh Mela as a political power in the name of the religion and Eid as ‘happy social gathering’ families and communities. Pictures of Kumbh are carefully highlighted. Emphasis was given on proving Kumbh Mela as a “Covid Superspreader.”


Hypocrisy Ki Bhi Seema Hoti Hai

Congress Toolkit Exposed
Images via Twitter

The toolkit purposely required congress workers to use the phrase “Indian strain” and “Modi strain” on social media and keep using the term to defame the image of PM Modi on coronavirus crisis and mismanagement.
An entire section is denoted for the propaganda works against the Union government’s ambitious central vista project. The project is termed “Modi’s personal house.”
A column in the document also targets PM Care Fund. In the segment entitled ‘Questions on PM CARES,’ the column reads, Modi had created an opaque private trust that is collecting money for unknown purposes, and we also don’t know if the money has been spent or not.
Mobilize forms, civil servants, to raise questions PM CARES as they did earlier.
If any celebrity donates to PM CARES, then aggressively questions them. If they are on social media, then use the congress social media department to embarrass them.
Ventilators send through the PM CARES fund in Punjab and Chhattisgarh are lying unused. Build momentum on the fact that they are defamed.
Mobilize friendly RTI activists to file multiple RTI’s on every aspect of PM CARES and every decision that is taken through it.


Unequal Distribution Of Vaccines

The toolkit also draws attention to Gujarat about the unequal distribution of vaccines and the favor given in the fight against Coronavirus. It also instructs its leaders to question PM CARES too.

Reacting to the incident, BJYM National President and BJP MP Tejasvi Surya tweeted,

“The #CongressToolkitExposed Clearly instructs cadre and ecosystem to block beds in hospitals to create artificial scarcity. No wonder the entire ecosystem pounced on me with fake propaganda from the minute I exposed bed allocation irregularities in Bangalore”.


INC Workers Are Praised

Congress Toolkit Exposed
Images via Twitter

After criticizing Prime Minister and BJP, the toolkit highlights the work done by INC workers in the second wave of coronavirus just to expose BJP’s inefficiency. The document also specifically mentions ‘liaisons’ with foreign journalists and Indian writers to focus on articles exclusively focusing on PM’s mismanagement. It asked the Congress social media team to type defaming articles on PM Modi and publish them on foreign portals.

What do you think about this dirty politics and Congress toolkit? Let us know your thought in the comment section below on this toolkit being the talk of the town.

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