These Companies Are Taking Care Of Their Employees At This COVID Pandemic Time

Companies Taking Care Of Their Employees At COVIDvia

As the world is recovering from the crisis faced during COVID-19 with a shock, the second wave of COVID-19 worsened the situation as the fatality rate has increased drastically. During this time, everyone is facing a shortage of critical medical supplies. However, there are few companies that came forward and stood with their employees to support them financially and medically. Let’s get to know the genuine and inspiring efforts of these companies and appreciate them.


1. Infosys


India’s second-largest IT Company has set up COVID-19 care centers at Pune and Bangalore for its employees and their families and is in process of setting up the same facilities across the country.


2. Pepsico

Pepsico Office

Pepsico is paying 100% of the salaries to the employees who are in quarantine and announced additional compensation covering more than 90,000 frontline employees.


3. Google

Sunadar Pichai Google Assistant Demo

Google is taking care of its staff by providing extra days off to protect their mental health as employees working from home are prone to mental health issues.


4. OLA


Ola announced to cover all the expenses of COVID-19 vaccination for their employees and dependents as well as the drive is extended to the direct contractual employees, advisors, and their immediate dependents including parents, spouse, and kids.

Praneet Samaiya
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