Cities Where You Can Celebrate New Year Eve Like Have Never Before

Party Animals Will Have A Great Time Here

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6. Paris

New Year

During the New Year, the Eiffel Tower becomes a site where you can see fascinating light show and pyrotechnics. So, for a thrilling eve of New Year, just drop the place and let loose in the party.


7. Sydney

New Year

Sydney is one of the cities that don’t overlook the festivals. There is a different picture of the city during the New Year celebration. Moreover, it is the location of the city as this is the first popular city where the clock passes midnight.


8. Las Vegas

New Year

You would be aware of the fact that Las Vegas is famous for its wild nature during parties. If you want some thrill and unforgettable night, this is the best place for you.


9. New York City

New Year

New York City has amazing atmosphere during the New Year eve. You will get to celebrate the night partying with enthusiastic people. Moreover, you will also see some local artist pulling off a great show for you.


10. Berlin

New Year eve

The center of attention in the city during the New Year party is a stretch of bars which is stretched to a couple of kilometers. Apart from that, international food stalls, light and sound show, and music will get you hyped all night.

So, where are you planning to party? Share in the comments.

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