Here Are The Best Smartphones Of 2018 – Check Out The List For Complete Guide

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Smartphones are widely used and play major roles in everybody’s life. As the year comes to an end, everything is reviewed and listed out. Similarly, here are the best smartphones of the year 2018 which you should check out and refer to if you plan on getting a smartphone as a Christmas or a new year gift for yourself or your friends. Read on to know more about the best smartphone reviews.


1. OnePlus 6T

Best Smartphones Of 2018

It has a starting price of Rs. 37,999. It is rated as the best all in one smartphone. It is the first preference for many buyers when it comes to purchasing a new Android phone. Its specs are very remarkable and it offers the latest Android 9.0 Pie. It has a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, in-display fingerprint sensor and much more. The variants are 6GB RAM + 128 GB; 8GB RAM + 128 GB and 8GB RAM + 256GB.


2. Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Best Smartphones Of 2018

The phone starts at a price of Rs. 67,900. The S-Pen has Bluetooth support and has much-improved features than the previous versions. Users can click pictures, access apps and make presentations using the S-Pen. It features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, 4000mAh battery up to 512GB internal storage. It also has a water-carbon cooling system. The phone comes in two variants – 128GB and 512GB.


3. Apple iPhone XR

Best Smartphones Of 2018

It starts from Rs. 76,900. It is rated as the most affordable new iPhone. It has the powerful A12 Bionic processors of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max at a lower cost. The iPhone XR is also noteworthy for its single rear camera and LCD display. It also comes with 6 colour options – Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, White, Coral. It has three storage options – 64GB; 128GB; 256GB variants.

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