China stopped water of river Brahmaputra supporting Pakistan, should we Indians stop using Chinese products?

Brahmaputra water


Stopping of Brahmaputra water by china is the latest in the list of atrocities that China does. Let’s see China from beginning:

Human Rights mishandle

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Human Rights is mishandled inside China- a large number of case to be discovered everywhere throughout the web.

Not a decent Global Citizen

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If you don’t do what we say, you might be stuck in an unfortunate situation with us! –

China not being a decent Global subject": on one side China challenges military backing of the U.S.A. for Taiwan's freedom which is a popularity based nation and wouldn't like to be a piece of socialist China; on the opposite side China attempted to bolster Muammar Gaddafi's fear based oppressor administration in Libya with weapons against an UN ban! All in all, why ought G8 nations and the others to take China genuine?

China is supporting Iran and the degenerate and criminal Government of Syria, and is advancing brutal disciplines for dissenters.

Such low wages that a huge number of laborers live in desperate destitution

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Not elaborated as the picture says it all

No natural rules, polluting the world, endangering human life.

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Controls its money to make its merchandise less expensive to the detriment of privately made items bringing on joblessness around the world

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Robbery of items/thoughts – taking of information from Government documents and individual

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Degenerate business hones which make risky items

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Add substances, for example, lead in toys and dinnerware, melamine in sustenance, and so on;

Destructive angling hones

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Don't purchase fish from China, for example, base trawling, angling to exhaustion of stocks, inefficient practices, for example, for shark's balances;

Chinese Medicine

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Chinese customary pharmaceutical advances the utilization of parts from imperiled creatures, for example, rhinoceros and tigers.


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China gives numerous risky maverick nations, for example, PAKISTAN, with weapons. What's more, is putting armed forces around outskirts with India and other touchy fringes. China is not peace loving but rather is out there to take whatever it can, where ever it can, at whatever point it can.

What's more:

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The right to speak freely, RELIGION AND CULTURE has totally and absolutely been taken away. No more individuals can unreservedly commend their religious convictions nor would they be able to any more openly convey what needs be in expressions/verse/music and the composed word – media and books. China has turned into a prison inside a jail. And the main individuals having a good time are the Communist adherents and pioneers existing apart from everything else.

So not only stopping of Brahmaputra water, we should stop using Chinese products.

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