China to build world’s 2nd largest railway line in Chennai!!??


China has the longest railway network which is around 19,000kms or you can simply say their railway network is larger than all railway channels of the world combined together!


China has proposed to build world’s 2nd largest rail line in India which will connect Chennai-New Delhi corridor and will cover almost 2000kms in few hours.


The largest railway line is Beijing-Guangzhou line or Jingguang Railway which was launched 3 years ago. It connects Beijing in north to Guangzhou in south and covers almost 2300 kms in 10hours!




India has tied up with Japan for India’s highest speed railway line which will connect Ahmedabad-Mumbai corridor after Japan offered easy loan terms to India.


But Zhoa also added “Although China may not offer easy terms of loan to India but their expertise and technology is already compatible with India.”


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