The Purrr-fect Cards For Our Craziest Celebrations


In the UK, we love celebrations no matter the occasion. We all love to celebrate Christmas festivities and embrace a chance to spoil our loved ones on their birthdays. We celebrate new homes, new arrivals to the family, anniversaries and those BIG birthdays choosing to ignore the number! So why stop there? From your pet’s milestone achievements to your friend’s end-of-boxset triumphs, we think that there should be a card for every occasion, no matter how unusual.


Parties For Pets

It is becoming more and more publicly acceptable to make a big deal out of your pet’s birthday. Many still roll their eyes at the thought of a poodle in a party hat, but we want to see more of our pet’s getting the celebration they deserve! These are our furry friends after all, who are ecstatic to greet us at the door after a long day at work, they bring us comfort in times of stress, and they always appreciate the food we put in front of them at mealtimes. Our pets see us through thick and thin, so we think it’s only right to celebrate them once in a while! Pet’s aren’t just our furry companions and friends; they are a huge part of the family!

If you know your pet’s birthday then why not plan a small celebration? A wrapped-up chew and a birthday card (yes, greeting card company are creating puppy birthday cards!) are both sure to make your dog’s day. Or perhaps you could throw your cat a birthday paw-ty? Too much? There’s no such thing

If you aren’t sure of their birth date, celebrate their adoptaversary instead, and commemorate the day that first bought you together. And if you’re still looking for inspiration, take it one step further with ‘Happy Mew Year for Cats’ day, ‘officially’ celebrated on the second of January (we promise we won’t judge).

Here are a few suggestions for pet-related celebration cards:




Cinematic Successes

Every achievement should be acknowledged, whether you’ve run a marathon or completed one on Netflix. We love a good film or T.V. show and they often bring us all together. Lots of people have recently got into the habit of throwing parties to celebrate season finales or new releases — featuring themed outfits, food, and decorations.

It is a fun cause for celebration which isn’t tied down to a yearly date — everyone can get enthusiastic about it! Send a card to your friends, inviting them to a season-finale party, or celebrate the new release of a highly anticipated blockbuster with a cinematic themed card along with surprise tickets!

Alternatively, if you have a friend or partner who is obsessed with a certain film or T.V show, choose a cinematic themed birthday card or valentines’ card. It adds something special if a greeting card reflects someone’s specific interests. They will know you’ve really thought about what they love before selecting the card.

Here is a variety of cinematic cards for such occasions:




Food Festivities

There are plenty of reasons to celebrate for all you foodies out there. Whether you are looking for a way to glorify your vegan chocolate or you want to praise a loved one for a food-related achievement, we have some delicious card options for you. You might know someone who has reached a goal in their diet for example, or perhaps they’ve completed Lent or Stoptober. It might just be on the 11th of May, the very enticing ‘National Eat What You Want’ day. Or maybe you and a friend have a particular type of food that you bond over and want to find a way to celebrate your traditional pizza night or chocolate splurge.  See one of our favorite foodie cards below for some inspiration that will get your mouth watering:



‘Fri-yay’ Celebrations

Forget the notion of annual celebrations: who doesn’t want to rejoice over every weekend? When it gets to that time of the week again, you can no-doubt feel yourself getting excited waiting for the weekend to roll in. Why not acknowledge the TGIF feeling with a card? After all, everyone else is probably as excited as you are, and a card will only add to the jubilation. We don’t believe in the idea of limiting celebrations, so if there is the reason to celebrate each and every week — why not?

These cards perfectly sum-up that ‘Friday feeling’:




Because You Feel Like It

The final, and most important, of these quirky celebrations is something you can send a card for any day you like. A card sent to a friend for no reason other than them being generally fantastic will always make them smile. There doesn’t have to be a specific date to celebrate your friends and loved ones. After all, they brighten up your life each and every day! Sending a card ‘just because’ will give both the sender and the receiver a positive boost — a random act of kindness like this is the perfect way to let someone know how much they’re appreciated.

A ‘just because’ card can take any form. View a small selection for some inspiration:

So, whatever the reason, celebrate with pride and let everyone know you’re thinking of them. No matter how quirky the concept, everyone loves a day of celebration and whether you want to use the day to celebrate your dog, your favorite meal, a major T.V moment, a Friday, or your best friend, there is a perfect card out there for you.


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