Bungee Jumping- A Narrative



If thrill and adventure is what you are looking for, then Bungee Jumping is one adventure sport that should interest you immediately. The adrenaline rush that this sport provides is unparalleled in every sense.  This madcap activity is offered from high bridges, helicopters, tall buildings and hot air balloons, across the globe. India is fast catching up on the adventure tourism frontier and Bungee Jumping is increasingly gaining ground. Rishikesh is arguably the best place to try this sport where it is offered from a specially built platform situated on a cliff. The height of this jump is 83 meters and it overlooks a gorge which flows the mighty Ganga river.



In the following video, the jumper narrates his emotions in a way even Morgan Freeman would be proud of. The joy of having overcome his fear is evident. The narration is so enchanting that It is bound to take you to a different world altogether. Have a look yourself and enjoy the thrill of the action.



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