Budget 2021: Check Out The List Of Things That Got Cheaper And Costlier

Budget 2021 Things Cheaper Costlier

Yesterday, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented the Union Budget for the year. In the budget 2021, there are many things that got costlier and even many got cheaper too. This year, the main focus was on health and infrastructure as obvious because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The major highlight of the budget was an increase in the custom’s duty on several items. There are many things that got costly, and also things that got cheaper. Let us check the list of things that got cheaper and costlier in Budget 2021.


Things Got Cheaper In Budget 2021

Budget 2021 Things Cheaper Costlier

1. Gold and Silver

2. Nylon clothes

3. Steel, Iron, and Copper items

4. Shoes

5. Agricultural equipment

6. Insurance

7. Pet food

8. Platinum jewelry

9. Gold and silver coins


Things Got Costlier In Budget 2021

Budget 2021 Things Cheaper Costlier

1. Automobile parts like safety glasses and windscreen

2. Spandex fiber clothes

3. Leather items

4. Solar invertors

5. Imported Toys

6. Mobile Phones, power banks, and chargers

7. Refrigerators

8. Air Conditioners

9. Imported Raw Silk 

10. Gems and Jewelry

11. Screw and Nut bolt

12. Solar Lanterns

13. Wires and cables

14. LED lights

What do you guys think about this Budget 2021? Is this Budget good?  Let us know your views in the comments below?

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