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Wife Turns Their Couple Photo Shoot Into A Shocking Surprise Baby Announcement



Sometimes, happiness is, “a wonder like surprise!” Especially if it’s your first baby news and if it’s adorned with a lovely presentation and ultra-sweet gestures, life seems none less than a whole beautiful thing.

Here we are talking about Bri Dow, a bride, who goes out of her way to make her husband feel special and he felt probably the luckiest father in the world.

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She not only surprised him with their first baby announcement in a very special way but also managed to immortalize those moments and his reactions in the camera, for the lifelong.

About a week ago, she somehow convinced her husband for a couple photo shoot session, which she told they won as a gift prize. But, as we said, she had  even better plans for him!

Samantha Boos, the photographer, had shot their wedding photos, and this time, Bri and Boos teamed up to unleash the most special news to her husband with the help of that photo shoot.

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For the shoot, they decided to write something for them on chalkboards, standing opposite to each other, and they would hold the board, so they the pictures can be clicked.

Brandon wrote, “Love, sweet, cute,” for his wife. But Bri’s chalkboard described something even more adorable and unexpected!

It said, “You are going to be a Daddy.”

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“My photographer and I sat down to plan the details so when we got the park he would have no clue," Dow explained. "Sam already had my board done so she just had Brandon write three nice things on his board.”

And, then the moment appeared when they turned around to show each other the boards.

The moment he saw it, he just tearfully welcomed her in his arms! And the whole plan seemed so worthwhile watching his most natural reactions!

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The moment held so much energy and expressions that; even Boos wasn’t fully prepared for it.

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“Bri and I got together about a week before the shoot and did some brainstorming of how we could creatively tell him. We decided on this idea and it turned out fantastic! It was hard for her not to tell Brandon when she found out but it was well worth the wait,” Boos shared.

“I almost started tearing up just watching it unfold. But it’s hard to photograph anything crying!”

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Surprises hold the power to make things appear even more beautiful. By planning this, Bri earned a really non-tradable, “awe moment,” for both of them! The shoot was no less than a wonder collected in pictures!


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