Which Bollywood Actor or Actress was very successful then, but is leading a miserable life now?


It is seen on television & some articles about few of the Bollywood actors/actresses whom are very much successful at a particular period of time but now they are leading an infamous & somewhat miserable life. Some of stars of yesteryears are even dead after living an unpleasant & miserable life during their last times.

Kader Khan


Once upon a time Bollywood couldn’t imagine a movie without Kader Khan. He would be present in any movie of some repute. He was there either as an actor or as a dialogue writer.

Known for his comic timing, brilliant dialogues and powerful acting, Kader Khan reined Bollywood for more than 3 decades.

However, these days he is in a sorry state of affair, struggling with many illnesses and old age and trying to get some work.

Bollywood can be a cruel industry and at times to its own.


Anu Aggarwal


Anu Aggarwal played a lead role in Aashiqui. “You are a star,” filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt had said of her at first sight. He titled her a ‘one-take actress’ after Aashiqui, the film he had apparently written for her and relentlessly pursued her to do. She acted in few more movies such as Khalnaika, King Uncle etc. which were huge flops.

 In 1999, Aggarwal had a near fatal accident in Mumbai and was treated at Breach Candy Hospital, to recuperate after a 29-day coma.

 Now she lives in Bihar and is single. She practices yoga at the Bihar school of Yoga, Munger, Bihar. In 2015, she wrote an autobiography titled “Anusual- Memoir of a Girl who Came Back from the Dead” recounting her times in Bollywood and the accident that changed her life.


Parveen Babi


Parveen Babi was one actor who epitomized bold, beautiful, and bohemian. Among her more memorable movies with megastar Amitabh Bachchan are: Deewar, Namak Halal, Amar Akbar Anthony, and Kala Pathar. Her most glorious moment was when Time Magazine chose to display her photograph on their cover page in 1976.

  She created a stir when she filed a writ petition in the Bombay High Court, charging several dignitaries, including Bollywood actor, Amitabh Bachchan, for attempting to kill her. This petition was dismissed by the Court for want of evidence.

 On Sunday January 22, 2005, neighbors at her Juhu residence noticed that she not collected her milk or her newspapers from her doorstep for the last three days. The neighbors notified the Secretary of the building, who in turn notified the police. A police team opened the door to her apartment with a duplicate key, and found her dead body.


Arun Govil


He once used to be the most powerful actor in 1986. After all, he was playing Lord Rama in famed Ramayana– a tv serial by Ramanand Sagar ji. Wherever, Arun Govil went, people used to mob him like maniacs. He was literally worshiped. Any wonder, his fellow actors- Deepika (Sita ji) andArvind Trivedi (Ravana ji) became successful parliamentarians. Paradoxically, Govil continued his acting journey and became part of TV crowd. Now, with flood of religious tele-serials and channels; few recognize him as the original crowd puller!


Mamata Kulkarni


Mamata joined Bollywood at the age of 20. She got a smashing debut with Aashiq
 opposite Saif Ali Khan. Both Mamta and Saif won the Best debut film awards that year. The actress was successfully climbing the ladder of success and worked with all the three Khans in Bollywood, Shah Rukh, Salman and Aamir.

Mamta Kulkarni was an extremely disputable and striking performing artist and was included in a major battle with executive Raj Kumar Santoshi amid the making of the film China Gate, and the film was a failure in the cinematic world. But her bold shirtless cover image on a popular magazine brought her career down.

Mamta resigned from acting in the year 2002, and her last film was Divine Temple Khajuraho. She was last in the news for her relationship with Vicky Goswami a supplier of drugs who works for underworld.


A.K. Hangal


A.K. Hangal started his Hindi film career at the age of 50. He acted in various super hit movies. He had more than 200 films to his credit in a career that spanned nearly five decades. He was awarded the Padma Bhushan for his contribution to Hindi Cinema in 2006.

 He was in the news in 2011 for living a life in penury. His son appealed for help after failing to meet Hangal’s medical expenses and several Bollywood celebrities like the Bachchans, Vipul Shah, Mithun Chakraborty, Aamir Khan and Salman Khan came forward to help him. He died in 2012. None of the prominent Bollywood personalities attended Hangal’s last rites.

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