Places You Should Surely Visit For The Best Sunrises And Sunsets – #9 Is Unique


6. Iceland That Offers Sunrise In Many Angles


The small Icelandic town of Grundarfjordur is located between a mountain range and a lava field. So when the sun rises or sets, it looks so different from all angles! I suggest going early in the morning pre-sunrise or in the afternoon. The entire landscape burns brightly in colors, lending the scenery an intense structure.


7. Santorini Offers Breathtaking Sunrises


Every picture you click is so perfect that it doesn’t need photoshop. The sunrises and sunsets are breathtaking. You can see that whitewashed houses turn pink, the sea turns purple, and the sky burns a feisty red.


8. Amsterdam Offers Spellbinding Views


The Dutch capital offers tourists several vantage points to see the sun rising and setting from. Amsterdam is beautiful and loved by many professional and amateur photographers. With over 400 bridges arching over the canals, the views of the sky are simply spellbinding.


9. Spain To Experience Unique Colors Of Sunset


Watch the colorful rooftops as it changes color with the most unique sunrises and sunsets in Europe. These are views to die for. The sky fills with lots of colors.


10. Los Angeles That Has Many Good Spots For Sunrise And Sunset


Whether you are sitting on a beach on the Santa Monica Pier or playing golf, the sun offers you indescribable moments that you cherish forever. You can also cruise around winding roads and through scenic curvy hills in your open-air Scoot. Your adventure takes you twisting and turning up to a lofty vantage point that offers expansive views of the sunrise.


11. Hawaii That Offers Unforgettable Moments


There is no place on earth like Hawaii. Whether you are looking to relax on the white sand beaches, or snorkel in the pristine blue water, it gives you unforgettable moments. Mount Haleakala is a dormant Hawaiian volcano that shines brightly as the sun rises and sets.

Have you been to any of these places? If you feel any place is missing in the above list, share us in the comments. Check out some cool Indian destinations to escape the scorching heat in summer.

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