Places You Should Surely Visit For The Best Sunrises And Sunsets – #9 Is Unique


If you want to see the real beauty, then just keep all your gadgets away and plan a trip. Nature surprises you with its enchanting beauty. Sunrise and sunset are one of the best forms of nature. Once you experience it, you will definitely get addicted to it.  No two sunrises or sunsets are alike. The differences lie in the way they color the skies and the way they are seen around the world.If you are the one who loves to be with nature, then this post will surely amaze you.


1. Samoa’s Largest Island


Sunrises and sunsets are the highlights of Samoa. Samoa’s largest island is the first place in the world to see the sunrise after Samoa went over to the other side of the dateline.


2. Australia’s Gold Coast


Australia’s Gold Coast offers some of the best sunrises and sunsets. Surfers enjoy this place more as nothing beats the quiet of the sea and mellow sunlight to either start a day or end it with a bang.


3. The Beautiful City Belfast


Wanna enjoy the most scenic sunrises and sunsets? Then make a visit to Belfast – a city that is so beautiful. It offers the best of both the seas and the hills. It gives you a joyful relaxed morning or evening in the surrounding eateries and bars.


4. Kerala That Offers An Amazing Scenic Beauty


Located 55.2 km north-east of Trivandrum city at an altitude of 1100 m, Ponmudi is the place which is never short of picture perfect. You can see some of the world’s best sunrises and sunsets.


5. The Twin Peaks Of Tiger Hill, Darjeeling


Sacrifice the joy of your cozy early morning sleep and head to Tiger Hill, to discover the joy of a lifetime. The twin peaks of Tiger Hill are bathed in a pink light that gradually transforms into a strong hue of orange. The sunsets are equally mesmerizing especially if you have a hot cup of Darjeeling tea in your hand. As the sun climbs up higher and higher, the entire view becomes clear, and you can see the majestic mountains standing in unison.

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