Bengaluru Woman Was Observed Working On Her Laptop While Stalled In Traffic Goes Viral

Bengaluru Woman Working On Her Laptop Rapido

Bengaluru, often known as India’s Silicon Valley, is well-known for its terrible traffic congestion. The city’s dramatic ascent as a major IT and economic center has resulted in fast population growth and a spike in the number of cars on its highways.

Bengaluru has considerable traffic congestion regularly due to its large concentration of technology businesses, educational institutions, and a growing population. As a result, traveling in the city may squander hours of valuable time, as this image of a lady working on her laptop while stopped in traffic demonstrates.


Woman Works On Her Laptop While Stalled In Traffic


The popular image shows a lady, allegedly an IT expert, working on her laptop while riding on a Rapido bike through Bengaluru’s packed streets. The girl appeared to be on her way to work and may have begun working after being late, owing to the traffic bottleneck.

The image that was uploaded on Twitter initially is receiving a lot of attention online.


The Cause Of The Traffic

The gridlock on the route, on the other hand, was created by a truck-damaged tree at the military gate of the service road near Ibbalur on the Outer Ring Road.
Sujeetha Salman, the deputy commissioner of police (traffic south division), tweeted information to commuters, advising them to “take an alternate road route.”


People React To It

Look how many people reacted to what happened:

What do you have to say about this? Would you appreciate her dedication or focus on blaming the terrible infrastructure? Let us know!

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