Bansuri Swaraj To Make Her Poll Debut: All You Need To Know About Bansuri Swaraj, Sushma Swaraj’s Daughter

Bansuri Swaraj Facts

As the Bharatiya Janata Party reveals its candidates for the 2024 Lok Sabha Elections, a prominent figure stands out – Bansuri Swaraj. She is a distinguished lawyer and the daughter of the late veteran politician Sushma Swaraj. Now, let’s explore the life, education, and political journey of Bansuri Swaraj, who is poised to compete for the New Delhi Lok Sabha seat.


Early Life And Education Of Bansuri Swaraj

Bansuri Swaraj BJP

Born as ‘Bansuri Kaushal’ on January 3, 1984, in a Hindu Brahmin Family, the daughter of Sushma Swaraj carries a name bestowed upon her by her mother, a devoted follower of Lord Krishna. A graduate of Oxford University, England, Bansuri holds a prestigious Barrister at Law degree from Inner Temple, London. This strong educational foundation, unique to Bansuri Swaraj, laid the groundwork for her subsequent legal career.


Bansuri Swaraj Legal Career And Political Inclination

Sushma Swaraj's Daughter Bansuri Swaraj

Since 2007, Bansuri Swaraj, a distinguished lawyer, has been integral to the legal landscape. Specializing in civil, criminal, commercial, tax, and constitutional cases, Bansuri Swaraj has affiliations with Legasis Partners. Serving as a consultant, she, demonstrates proficiency in representing both multinational corporations and individuals. Recognizing her legal acumen, the Bharatiya Janata Party appointed her as the co-convener of the legal cell of the Delhi BJP on March 24, 2023.


Transition To Politics

Bansuri Swaraj’s transition from the courtroom to the political arena marks a significant chapter in her life. She thanks PM Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah, JP Nadda, and the entire BJP for this opportunity. She is resolute in preserving her mother’s legacy as she vies for the New Delhi Lok Sabha seat. Her determination echoes the party’s ambitious goal of achieving ‘ab ki baar 400 paar,’ emphasizing the commitment to elect Narendra Modi as ‘PradhanSewak’ for the third term.


Legacy And Beyond

Bansuri Swaraj

Bansuri Swaraj’s name, carried by Bansuri Swaraj, carries the essence of Lord Krishna’s symbolic instrument, the flute. It echoes her mother’s devoutness. The legacy she inherits is not just political but deeply rooted in values like integrity, dedication, and service. As she steps into the electoral battlefield, she brings with her the experience of a distinguished lawyer and the resilience imbibed by her mother. She is pledging to represent the people of New Delhi with unwavering commitment.

In the lead-up to the Lok Sabha Elections 2024, the emergence of Bansuri Swaraj, as represented by her, as a BJP candidate from New Delhi is a testament to the party’s commitment. It is to infuse fresh perspectives and diverse expertise into the political spectrum. As a distinguished lawyer, Bansuri Swaraj is poised to navigate the intricate realm of politics. She brings with her a legacy that blends legal acumen with a deep-rooted sense of service. Her journey unfolds as a daughter following her mother’s footsteps and as an individual. She is ready to contribute to the democratic ethos of the nation.

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