Bangalore Man Pleads To Have His Organs Donated After A Terrible Accident


In a tragic accident on 16th February 2016, a young man, Harish Nanjappa(23M), had his body cut in half when his motorbike hit a truck in a tragic accident. Even when he was dying and in pain, this generous man literally begged the public to have the doctors donate his organs. 

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Harish had lost his father when he was only 8 years old. His mother was struggling to make ends meet as she was a single mother from a rural background. Determined to better the scenario at home, this young man decided to work in Bangalore.

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A truck on the Tumkur-Bangalore highway tried to overtake Harish’s motorbike. Suddenly, the truck hit his bike, immediately making him topple over and fall under the truck. His body was cut into two and the lower half was thrown far away. Even after the accident, he begged for help for several minutes and the people passing by couldn’t care less. Some even had the time to film his pain but not enough time to offer help. Such is the society. Where is humanity now?

One of the people had the courtesy to call the Bangalore police and lodge a complaint. The police instantly called the ambulance and Harish was taken to the hospital, where in a few moments, he passed away. As per his request, the police had his eyes donated to HOSMAT hospital.  

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One of the doctors of the same hospital said that this injury due to the accident is called a ‘Crash Injury’ where the body parts including the flesh, bones and nerves get separated. It is obviously very painful and it was very insensitive of the passers-by to just walk on by without offering any help. 

A case was filed against the truck driver and he was imprisoned for having caused the accident. 


His ultimate goal was to give his mother and himself a better life, but unfortunately it was all crushed, literally and figuratively.


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