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Let’s face it- Dogs are loyal, cuddly, amazing creatures and are rightfully called man’s best friend. Although these precious animals can’t speak our language, they convey their love and affection in any other way possible! In fact, they don’t need a language! From wagging their tails and the way they look at you to pouncing on you after a long day away from home, dogs show their affection through the most powerful way of communication.


Here’s The Dog’s Imaginary Post

Avan Dog Adoption Facebook Post

What if dogs could talk though? What would they want their human parents to know? One such instance is what we saw on facebook a recent while ago- and let yourselves be warned, you will quite definitely melt into a mushy puddle of tears of love!

Avan Dog Adoption Facebook Post

Avan is a four month-old male dog with a precious old-heart and an insatiable love for bananas. In his heartfelt letter, he says “I’m like really dope and enjoy basking in the sun”.

Avan Dog Adoption Facebook Post

Precious little Avan roofs us through the details, his suffering at the hands of terrible owners and his aching wounds.

Avan Dog Adoption Facebook Post


The Rescued Dog – Avan

This is where he tells us about an angel in disguise, Anoushka Mehta. Anoushka has rescued the dog and is the current owner, playing mommy to this cutie. She states that she has rescued over 20 pups and dislikes putting them back on the streets. She also mentions another gorgeous pup, Cheeni is looking for a loving home.

Avan Dog Adoption Facebook Post

Avan says, “She taught me that I deserved all this love and a lot more.” He even says that it is going to be hard parting from her.”


Here’s The Complete Facebook Post


Erm, there’s no good way to start this. I’m Avan. Around four months old male dog but I’m a grandpa at heart. I’m like really dope and enjoy basking in the sun and literally love bananas insane amount.

I don’t know where I was born but I remember being little and my home being dark and warm and smelling like my mother. She made the whole sky and earth and then she made us. Four of us.

I loved how soft she was and I miss spooning her. Her eyes were yellow like mine but she saw the world very differently. She saw it for how it was- evil and dark.

I cant really blame the kids who picked me. I was really cuddly and amazing. But why the BLEEP did they have to drop me at a place where my mum couldn’t find me?

I saw an endless litany of faces. And then evil entered the world in the form of really nasty human beings who wanted to throw me out. I saw men looking at me and just wanting to stab me in the throat, I saw dogs looking at me real devilishly and kids wanting to break my bones. There was this one time when I was tossed like a frisbee from one dog to another. It hurt everywhere I licked.

And there she was. Except she was a human this time. I saw her face everyday, she showed me the drawer where she hid her secret toys, which I’m never allowed to play with, she fed me food four times in a day and I got treats simply for sitting down.

She taught me that I deserved all this love and a lot more. I love her and its going to be hard parting from her but I guess its something Ill have to do. So that she can bring more Avans and Cheenis into this world. I’m just seeing if anyone would be interested in taking me home. Its cool if your turn me down. I cant impress everyone, I’m not rajma chawal. Sorry it was time to insert a corny joke.

Mail her at [email protected] and I promise she will get back to you. She literally does nothing except procrastinating. Bye.

Avan and Cheeni are rescued, angelic dogs looking to be welcomed into a kind and loving home. If you wish to bring these amazing little fluffballs into your homes to be showered with endless love, contact Anoushka Mehta who made the Facebook post. Dogs are the loyalest of all, check out these stories of loyal dogs which will surely amaze you.

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