A Couple Was Hugging In Kolkata Metro, Got Beaten Up By A Group Of Elderly People

The Incident Triggered A Protest

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The definition of obscenity is somewhat weird in Indian society as they consider it obscene when couples hug or kiss each other. However, no one bothered when a drunk man was raping a woman in the in the street and in broad daylight. This time a couple was seen hugging in the Kolkata metro and got beaten up by a group of people.


Couple Got Beaten In Kolkata Metro

Kolkata Metro

It all started on the Dum Dum metro station with a heated argument between the boy and a few middle-aged people who were traveling in the same metro. The middle-aged group dragged out the couple on the Dum Dum metro station and started beating the boy. The girl tried to make a save but got beaten up in the process. Some women and youth helped the couple to make an escape and after that protests started on Dum Dum metro station.


The Incident Triggered A Protest

The incident triggered a protest and the protestors are demanding the arrest of the culprits. The incident is also heated up on social media and people are showing their support to the couple. Many wrote that the Indian mobs behave like a beast. Unfortunately, it is the sad reality. When they get huge in numbers they become ruthless.


Why They Get Aggressive

Many Twitterati called the incident, shameful as no one bats an eye when someone is getting molested and why they get aggressive when they say couples hugging or kissing each other.


Scenes Of Hatred Are Allowed And Scenes Of Love Are Obscenity

The renowned author, Tasleema Nasreen said, “Scenes of hatred are allowed, scenes of love are considered obscene”. She took to her twitter handle and showed her displeasure regarding the Kolkata metro incident. She wrote, “A young couple embraced in Kolkata metro. It made a bunch of frustrated old losers angry. They beat them up. Scenes of hatred are allowed. Scenes of love are considered obscene.”

The police are investigating in this regard and they said the culprits will be punished. What do you think about this incident? Share in the comments.

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